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There are many diverse ways of self-motivation to study properly and complete all the given home assignments to have some spare time for other things. The main motivation is an obvious one: you have chosen your trade yourself, and you have to do your best to become a high quality professional to find a good job on the market. Hence, it is practically unacceptable for such people surfing the Internet to find an answer to such things as “pay to do my homework”, or “do my homework fast”. Another great way to self-motivation lies in deceiving the own mind a bit. Before you proceed to doing the homework itself, reassure your mind that you will work only for a short period of time, for example, for 5 or 10 minutes. You will see how easy the homework seems to you, if you think that soon you get over this task. Usually, students who practice this motivational exercise work for a longer time and more effectively. Another useful motivational exercise consists of taking frequent breaks during studying and doing your homework. This helps your mind relax a bit and stay focused on the homework itself. Besides, you can always reward yourself for great and effective studying, which is also a great motivational tool. Many scientists who study motivation and its influence on the educational process recommend this type of self-appraisal to stay tuned and satisfied with the final result of your work. It is the same if you are awarded with the salary or wage when you complete your job. One more advise may seem a bit weird, but it helps some people studying after all – ask your friends, relatives or family to control your homework-doing process. It may seem like bugging, but it helps if you are unable to control yourself on your own.

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